Classes & Workshops

Lessons save you time and money trying to work out patterns and estimate fabrics, most people buy too much or not enough and not the right things. Kits are great for beginners because you buy only what you need to complete the project.  I don’t recommend stash building for beginners. It is much better investing in yourself. Get knowledge from lessons, books and tools. Fabric purchasing comes once you have a project in mind and some knowledge of how to tackle it. 

I love teaching beginners and even absolute beginners with their first sewing machine.  Class participants need to bring their own sewing machine. 

Lessons:- Friday mornings, Lessons in recess from mid November to February, 17.

$20 for 2 1/2 hours – Bookings essential.

Here’s a suggestion.  Heritage Doily Quilt- collect all grandma’s doilies into a beautiful quilt as you go quilt. New quilt as you go designs.  Jelly roll quilts and much more.

Choose your project from my kits and patterns and here’s a few suggestions.

Disappearing 9 Patch is a great project for beginners.  This makes a great children’s single bed quilt.

Disappearing 9 Patch Runner.

 If you’d like to try patchwork, a lovely bed or table runner takes only one charm pack costing about $15 to begin and adding small amounts for materials as you go.  Book into a Friday morning class and take it step by step. Lessons for 2 1/2  hours with Carole are only $20. per session.  It will take about 3 lessons to make a runner.